How to SUCK at Life without Even Trying

As I sit at my desk after a full day at work, finally with the time and quiet to write, I came across this draft post which I actually started (ok, maybe started is a bit of a stretch.  I at least had the title and pic!) back in October.

Yup, you read that right. October 17th at 9:41 a.m.

I had a great idea for a blog post on procrastination.  The thoughts were flying around my head and I thought, cool!  This post could go viral! Just kidding 🙂

Of course once you have a great post idea you need to find the perfect picture for it, right?  So open another browser and start searching through Flickr.  A dangerous idea!  If you’re like me, once you start seeing interesting, thought provoking pictures, other ideas and thoughts start popping up. But of course, I would get back to writing the post.  Eventually.

Obviously, I didn’t get back to my procrastination post that day.  Or the next.  Or even a week later.  About two week later I read Leo Babauta’s of ZenHabits post The Little Book of Procrastination. And I realized something big:  I procrastinate because of F.E.A.R.

False Evidence Appearing Real

False evidence appearing real.  That’s what fear really is.  And it’s a big reason why people procrastinate.   Leo touches on this in his post when he says “We might be afraid we’re going to fail, or look ignorant or stupid.  We’re most often afraid of the unknown, which has more power because we don’t examine this fear…” and that unknown is usually false.  False evidence.  And unless we face it, it appears real.

Overcoming the Boogeyman

When I sit down to write, F.E.A.R. strikes.  Fear that my writing isn’t “good enough”, fear that I’m chasing yet another rabbit hole by trying to start my own small business, fear that I’m too inexperienced, too old (I know, contradictions, right??), fear that my ex- was right and I should just keep my good municipal job until I can retire, fear…fear…fear…   the list goes on.

And yet as I write this, I have a full time job, a small blog, two clients for my virtual assistance business and am a freelance contributor to a new local news/events newspaper.  And yet, F.E.A.R. grips me.

I decided to come up with an arsenal I’m going to start employing against the F.E.A.R boogeyman:

False ≠ Real

My fears are FALSE.  Am I the next great writer?  Am I going to make six-figures as a small online business owner?  I seriously doubt either. But that doesn’t mean I completely suck at writing or administrative consulting.  It doesn’t mean I can’t study successful bloggers and learn and improve.  Admitting that the fear is FALSE has to be the first step in overcoming it. From there the key is to keep moving forward.

Evidence – The burden of proof is on the prosecution

Is there any valid evidence to my fears?  Maybe.  But not nearly as much as the dire scenarios that play in my mind.  Listing the pros, cons, and worst case scenarios of my goals has helped me clearly see the evidence presented by F.E.A.R. is circumstantial at best! Not one piece of evidence would hold up in a court of law.  Therefore, F.E.A.R. has nothing to hold me in its’ grip.  I’m free to go!

Appearing (now playing at a theater near you)

Keeping up appearance plays a huge part in our society.  If you read my post Simple Guide to Overcoming Mistakes, you know what I think about how society perceives appearances.  F.E.A.R. likes to appear as rational, normal.  Wants you to think it’s just looking out for your best interests. Wants you to fit in, be like everyone else.  In reality, fear is like a chained lion, roaring around.  The only problem is this lion has no teeth.  We give it the power to frighten us by listening to his roar.  When we get to the realization that it’s all just an appearance, an act, we now have the power to tame the lion.


What’s real?  Your hopes, your dreams, your goals are REAL. My hopes, dreams and goals are REAL.  Will they all come to fruition?  Maybe. Maybe not.  But I know one thing for certain,  they will only become real when I act on them. If I don’t even try, if I let F.E.A.R. get the best of me, let it grip me and overcome me….then I will cease to be real.  I will have given up the real me.  And that’s not a life I want to live.

What is your F.E.A.R?  What is holding you back from making your dreams real?  What steps are you taking to fight back against F.E.A.R?

If you enjoyed this post, please visit me at LifeDecaffeinated!

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Finding the Fountain of Youth in a Corn Maze

Have you ever been awed by the sheer abandonment to joy that children experience?  The contagious laughter, the endless energy and enthusiasm, the powerful wonder at new things?

When did I get old?

A few months ago, my roommate and I moved to the apartment below mine.  Around the same time where the usual stressful “adult” problems; my roommate had started a new job, I was trying to adjust to being recently separated, my car decided to die on the side of the road as my son was borrowing it for the weekend….well, you get the picture.  All of these things added up to us falling into what I call a comfortable discomfort.  We had stopped going to the gym after work, we ordered take-out way too often, and spent our weekends around the apartment.

A few weeks ago as we were sitting outside after work, we starting talking about doing  something. Anything. We were bored with our daily existence and wanted to get out.  We talked about going to the park and walking around or taking a walk downtown.  What we ended up doing was the catalyst for this post and hopefully an inspiration for someone reading.

Laughing like Children

I came up with the idea to go to a local corn maze.  My roommate had never been to one, and I hadn’t been in years since my son was young.  If you’ve ever been through a corn maze as the sun is beginning to set, then you’ll know how children feel everyday! The maze was set up so each person (or group) was given a small sheet of paper broken down into a grid.  Along the maze (3.7 miles of it!) were hidden posts which each contained a stamp.  Process sounded simple, find the 15 post, stamp the 15 grids and enjoy some fresh air.  Lol, how naive could we possible be?

The other adventures that night were a group of teenagers, a few families, and the us two “adults”.   Suddenly the air exploded with “I FOUND NO. 4!!!” Immediately followed by the sound of youngsters stampeding toward the lone voice.  For a second, I was scared.  Were we going to be trampled by the stampede?  My roommate shot me a mischievous grin and said “let’s go!”  (Ok, I may be mature, but I am NOT above letting the kids have all the glory! 🙂 )

To read more, please check out my new blog: Life Decaffeinated

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Can’t We All Just Converse?

Can’t we all just Converse??


I have a little theory about how to change the world I’d like to share.  Grab a drink, pop a squat and give me your attention for a few minutes.

 Ready? Ok, here it is in three words:  Converse All Stars.  Yup.  Converse All Stars.  If everyone would wear Converse All Stars, I think we could actually achieve world peace.  Ok, you may think I’m overstating the solution to world peace just a little bit, but hear me out.  We don’t need more stronger militaries, politicians making campaign promised they never fulfill, more government programs on diversity, or more technology to connect with each other.  All we really need for world peace is Converse All Stars.

 Think about it.  What image do you get when you think Converse?  Basketball and Chuck Taylor? Alternative rockers like Kurt Cobain and Nirvana?  Modern movies like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix or Will Smith in IRobot?

 Let’s face it, Converse sneakers have been around since 1908, and they more popular today then ever before.  I’m pretty sure Converse would give reasons for the success of All Stars to their timeless design, quality products, or some other business jargon.  But I think it’s something more.  When I put on my Converse, I’m no longer the Executive Assistant in business attire and heels, I’m transformed into a free spirited, fun loving, adventure seeking being!  I picture everyone wearing Converse on a warm summer day, dancing around in the warm grass singing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” (you remember that Coke commercial, don’t you??!)

 If everyone wore Converse, imagine all the Convers-ations we could have.  “Cool Converses!”  “Where’d you get those Joker Converse??”  “Hey, I had a pair of those when I was in high school!”  It just boggles the imagination!

 Generation gaps meeting on the common ground of Convers-ations!  World peace achieved through rubber soled, canvas sneakers!

 With time, everyone will be asking, Can’t we all just Converse?

 What about you?  Are you ready for world peace? What would your Convers-ations be like?  Leave a comment and let’s get the Convers-ations going! 

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Small Changes that Make Big ¢

by Deb Gaudette

The news, the Internet, even Twitter is full of information on how to survive the current economy.  With unemployment on the rise and the cost of living not getting any cheaper, its no surprise people are looking at alternative methods to save money anyway they can.  Everyone has heard eliminating unnecessary consumerism, reducing your monthly household costs by canceling cable TV, and getting a handle on where you really spend your money.  This article has a few other alternative ideas that I hope you find useful.

Avoid Late Fees

Even if you’re only a minute late, your credit card company can charge as much as $39 for late fees each time.  Consumer Action’s 2008 Credit Card Survey reports that 95% of credit cards charge late fees, with the average amount be approximately $26.  Even if you’re only late a few times during the year, that’s a saving of over a $100 a year.  And the higher the balance, the higher the fee.  The best ways to avoid late fees are to pay bills as they arrive or automate your payments to ensure the payments are made on time.

Switch fonts

If you’re frugal and hate paper like I do, this section won’t apply to you, as you probably don’t own a printer.  However, if you do own a printer and absolutely have to print something, here’s a way you might save $20 this year: Change the default font in the documents you print.

Go Gothic: Because different fonts require different amounts of ink to print, if your default font it Ariel instead of Century Gothic, you could be buying new ink cartridges more often than you need to.  The Associated Press ranked fonts that use the least ink to those that use the most ink as Century Gothic, Times New Roman; Calibri; Verdana; Arial; MS Sans Serif; Trebuchet MS; Tahoma; and Franklin Gothic Medium.  Switching to Century Gothic just makes “cents”.

Save $, Help Save the Planet: If you want to save money on ink cartridges AND help save the environment, consider Ecofont. According the company website, Ecofont shoots “holes” into the letters as they’re printed, with no effect on legibility.  Ecofont is reported to save up to 25% of ink or toner, reducing your costs as well as the amount of cartridges being thrown away or recycled.  EcoFont works with your customary fonts and the software costs about $24 for a 3-year individual license.

Drive “Right”

Brown Knows: The United Parcel Service (UPS) plots its delivery routes to make as many right-hand turns as possible.  UPS trucks drove over 2.5 billion miles last year, but the company reported saving over 28,541,472 million miles driven and three million gallons of fuel by plot “right-turn” routes.  I decided to try this once as I left work to and had to stop at the pharmacy and bank on the way home.  While I didn’t calculate how much gas I may have saved, I certainly saved time as I didn’t have to wait as long at the three stop lights along the route.  Try it for a week and see what you think!

f=ma: A simple law of physics is that force equals mass times acceleration.  For this post’s sake that means a car consumes most gas as it accelerates.  If you want to improve your gas mileage, you need to keep the ride smooth.  If you;re in traffic, increase your distance from the car in front of you to prevent having to break and accelerate so often.

Big Gulp NO NO: Don’t fill up unless you are near a quarter of tank.  Gas weighs a lot and will increase the mass of your vehicle.  However, if gas prices are going down, it could be beneficial to fill up (or if you’re out of town where the prices are lower).

Pump it up! Keeping your tires properly inflated with reduce the contact area of your tire to the road, reduce the friction, and help improve your gas mileage.

Granted, these are all small things which would lead to small change.  But over time, the little things add up.  Do you have small, easy money saving ideas?  I’d love to hear them!  If you found this post informative, helpful, or at least humorous 🙂  please spread it around! Thanks!

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Chick vs Stuff….and the winner is….


In today’s consumption-driven society, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with excess.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a spendthrift or a compulsive shopper, chances are you have more stuff than you need.  You may even have more stuff than you realize!  Having moved twice in the past 13 months, I realized with the second move that I was still a prisoner of my stuff.  With this move I donated bags of clothes and shoes, got rid of a couch, two end tables, a desk, a cutting table (from a my previous life as a quilter) and multiple little things that I’d brought with me from the first move.  And the more I eliminated, the freer I became.  My new apartment is now very open, very simplistic and very inviting.  

By implementing the following tips, you too can free yourself of stuff.  

1) Start Small  

All journeys start with a single step.  Starting small will give you an immediate sense of accomplishment and encourage the next steps.  One of the easiest ways to begin to free yourself of stuff is to start with your keychain.  Simplistic, I know, but even though most of us use our keys daily, when asked, most people will admit to having keys or items on their key chains that they don’t use, or worse, don’t even know what they are for!  If you can’t immediately identify a key or key card, remove it.  You can always place it in a drawer for a few weeks until you either need it or realize you don’t need it!  Keep your grocery, gym and other key cards in your wallet or car for when you need them.  

 2) One Step at a Time  

People can feel overwhelmed while looking at a room or area and realizing they need to declutter.  Instead, start with ONE thing.  Clean out one drawer.  Clear one spot on the desk.  Reorganize one closet.  Tackling clutter one step at a time will lead to lasting results and help solidify the habit.  

 3) The 3 R’s  

No, not Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.   Reduce the amount of paper you accumulate by canceling subscriptions, opting out of flyers, e-mail lists, etc.  Reuse items such as plastic bags for garbage bags, or use clean, worn-out t-shirts as dust clothes.  Recycle EVERYTHING.  And think beyond plastic bottles and newspapers.  Are there things you own that you could do without, that you could donate? Clothes, books, DVDs, extra furniture… the list goes on.  

 4) Create new habits  

Studies show that it generally takes 21 days to create a habit.  The best way to change a habit it create a new, effective habit to replace it.  You’ve clean off the desk of excess paper and junk mail.  Now what?  Open the mail as soon as you get it.  Throw way the junk mail and flyers and keep the bills in one location (or better yet, pay them immediately).  Fold and put away the laundry as soon as it’s finished (this cuts down on a lot of ironing too!).  Wash and put away the dishes after dinner.  In order to break old habits, you have to replace them with new, beneficial habits.  

 5) Momentum  

Once you’ve gotten past the initial stage of One Step at a Time, it’s time to keep the momentum going.  Don’t become complacent in your new habits. Continue to find ways to organize your things, your time.  If you find yourself falling back into old habits, recognize it and get back on track.  Read articles online that inspire you to keep maintaining your freedom from stuff.  Seek out like-minded individuals to discuss ideas and help resolve any lingering habits.  

 6) Start looking at the bigger picture  

At this point, some people will stop and be happy with what they’ve accomplished.  If that’s you, then that’s ok.  Others will begin to realize they have more energy and more time now that there is less stuff to deal with.  Some people will want to pursue this journey to freedom from stuff by going further.  By looking at the bigger picture, you may realize you don’t really need two televisions (or one at all!), maybe you could do without the large, oversized sofa and the two recliners, maybe one set of dishes for two (or however many family members you have) will suffice instead of the set of twelve matching plates, bowls, dessert plates, etc.  Take stock of what you own and ask yourself do you really need this? Or are your possessions holding you prisoner?  

 7) Downsize to the “right” size  

A life free from stuff won’t be the same for everyone.  For some, reducing clutter, eliminating the unnecessary and freeing time for other pursuits is living a life free of stuff. For others, it may also include reducing personal belongings to fewer than 100 things, living without a car or creating a location independent lifestyle.  The most important thing about a life free of stuff is that it works for YOU.  

 8) Don’t replace what you’ve gotten rid of!  

This is probably one of the biggest hurdles people face.  You’ve spent the time and energy to declutter your home, reduce the amount of things you own or realize you don’t really need, organized you files.  In order to maintain your freedom from stuff, you need to maintain it.  One way to accomplish this is to implement the 30-Day Rule.  Before making any purchases, ask yourself is this a want or a need?  If it’s a want, wait 30 days and ask yourself again.  If you’ve gone without this item for 30 days, do you really still need or want it?  Consider borrowing or trading for it if you decide it’s a valid need.  

 9) Maintain the Freedom  

Maintaining the Freedom is key to lasting freedom from stuff.  Be proud of the accomplishments you’ve made!  You’ve come a long way, Baby!  The best part of being free from stuff is it’s easy to maintain once you’ve achieved it.  You will have more time to focus on what’s important to you, more time to spend with loved ones, more time to pursue things that enrich your life.  

 10) KISS  

Keep It Simple Silly.  Living a life free of stuff isn’t hard, but it does take effort.  Focus on one thing at a time.  Start small and keep it simple. Your life, home, relationships didn’t get they way they are overnight, so don’t expect to change everything overnight.  For some people, the “all or nothing” approach works best, while others find more success in breaking large goals into small, obtainable goals.  Whichever method you choice, just remember to KISS it.

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One Old Chick’s Plans for World Domination


In case you haven’t heard, the American Dream is Dead.  Actually not only is it dead, it was a lie to begin with.  Now is the time for a Call to Arms, a Call to Action, and a new campaign for World Domination.

 As with any type of campaign, initial planning needs to take place.  In this initial phase, it has been determined (at least by this One Old Chick) that the best route to take is a little known, little traveled path called the Road to Radical Freedom.  This Road is one filled with heart-pounding, adrenaline filled adventures, and opportunities beyond our wildest dreams; as well as adversity, opponents and heavy artillery!  At times, we may be traveling the road alone and other times we will companions.  There will be rest stops along the way, breathtaking vistas, and memories to last a life time.  If you’re ready to embark on a new course for World Dominion, pack a duffel bag, hiking boots, ammunition and let’s hit the road!

I’ve decided to list a very detailed and transparent map of my Road to Radical Freedom.  Why?  Well, two reasons actually.  One, while there are other much more accomplished Travelers embarking on World Domination, many of them are young, married couples or single men.  Me?  Well, I’m just One Old Chick (and something of a smart@$$).  Recently divorced, 43 year old Chick.  For the majority of my life, I’ve played by the rules of society – do well in school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have a child, and spend the rest of your time planning for your retirement.  Basically, live the American Dream.

Secondly, I believe it’s easier to accomplish goals that are written (feels that it makes them more “real”) and I hope, in someway, that putting this out there for everyone to read will help or motivate someone else.

I have been spent a lot of time reading information on finances, lifestyle designs and starting a small online business.  There is a wealth (no pun intended!) of information available online, but there is little information on EXACTLY how people accomplished it, step by step.  And I haven’t found anyone in my “generation” that’s traveled this Road.  So I decided to map out the course for my own World Domination journey and send ‘post’ cards along the way. J

My plan is to pay off my current debt, fund an emergency savings account, eliminate all unnecessary things from my life & home, and build an online business that will allow me to eventually be self-employed.  My goal date for my plan is January 10, 2012, giving me 16 months to make it happen.

So the steps so far are:

1) Pay off current debt (approximately $4,000)

I spent some time last night going over my current finances and building a simple budget.  I’ll be using the Snowball Debt Reduction Plan to reduce my debt.

I realize there are two schools of thought on debt reduction and I feel each has its own benefits.  I decided to use the Snowball method because I think that the sense of accomplishment when that first debt is paid off will increase my desire to get all the debt eliminated.  I contacted one credit card company and they reduced my current APR from 29.99% to 9.99%!  Their “program” is only for 12 months, but I will have the card paid off before then.

This step also includes canceling my gym membership ($7 per week through payroll deduction; will be working out at home using the P90X program), reduce or eliminate all eating out, and by eliminating my remaining vice of smoking.  I quit for 6 years, so I know I can (and am ready) to quit.  When I realized last night of the potential savings ($8 per pack, $56 per week, $2,920 per year!!!) it only galvanized my desire to quit for good.

 2) Fund Emergency Saving Account (minimum of two (2) months salary)


Currently, I don’t have a saving account.  I know, I can hear you cringing! 🙂  The sense of anxiety can be overwhelming when faced with an unexpected financial emergency, especially if the amount is large.  I’ll be approaching this step in two ways.  The first will be to change my current payroll deductions to increase my weekly pay.  In the past, I have always claimed zero exemptions, which provided me with a nice refund check.  That was basically my savings for the year.  Now, I feel it would be more prudent to have the extra money each week to put into a savings account with interest.  I also received a 3% raise in July.  The additional funds, as well as any overtime pay, will also go into the Emergency Savings Account.

3) Eliminate all unnecessary things from my life & home

In the past year, I have moved from a three bedroom house to a small one bedroom apartment.  When I moved the first time (August 2009), I took only what I thought was necessary (clothes, shoes, books, craft supplies, personal items, etc.)  My only furniture in the apartment was a TV, borrowed couch, a mattress, and a newly purchase small kitchen table.  Being on the third floor in an older style house, a box spring wouldn’t fit.  Instead of purchasing something, I built a platform bed frame for under $120.

In August 2010, I moved to the apartment below mine.  In preparing to move, I realized I still had too many things I didn’t need.  I donated three bags of clothes and shoes (I work as an Executive Assistant, so I basically one wardrobe for work and one for pleasure), the couch (my “living” room now consists of my kitchen table in one corner and a computer desk against one wall), two nightstands, two sewing tables, an oversized jewelry box and a few other small things.  My new rule for the new apartment is this: IF I buy anything, it has to be essential, necessary and has to replace at least 1 item I already own.  I love the clean, open feel of the apartment.

By having less “things”, I already feel like I have more time.  I spend less time cleaning, less time looking for things, and more time to do things I want.

4) Create a small online business

This is the step I am most excited about.  I have been following various blog on minimalist living, lifestyle design, and finances for a few months now.  And the recurring theme is freedom.  Freedom from debt, from excess, and freedom to pursue things that enrich life.  Owning my own business is something I have thought about numerous times in the past but never did anything about.  A great example of this is a blog entitled Action Not Words: The Difference Between Talkers and Doers.  It’s time to become a Doer!  Right now I am still researching opportunities with a focus on blogging and article writing.  I set up this blog about a month ago, and was shocked when my third post (EVER) hit Freshly Pressed! J  The excitement of that was enough to convince me that I had something to say, something to share, and other people might enjoy or benefit from it.


 Are you currently redesigning your lifestyle?  Do you have a great idea on how to achieve your goals and maybe help others achieve theirs? If so, I plan to post my plan and all updates twice a week, and would love to hear any comments, feedback, suggestions. See you on the Road!

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Buy an Octopus and Save $$

I read a Wall Street Journal article, entitled “10 Money Moves that will Always Pay Off”.  Being the frugal-minded person I am (for those of you that have read my previous posts, I apologize for the bad language!), I read the article, looking for more ways to better my financial status.  But alas, right from the first “move” suggested, I realized this article was simply not going to suffice for frugal little me.

Note: A link to the full article will be included, but first I’d like to share my $0.02.

According to the Brains at the Wall Street Journal, here are their Top Money Moves:

 1. Max out the 401(k) – This is a slam dunk for you. Every dollar you invest saves you money on taxes because it comes off your taxable income. So Uncle Sam is effectively chipping in.

 A slam dunk? Really? Ok, yes investing for your future is important, however with the current recession many people have lost money from their 401(k).  Wouldn’t it be better to use some of that money to pay down current debt? And what if the tax rate goes up in the future?  Will you end up paying more money when you withdraw the funds than the 20% your not paying now ??

 2. Give up the vacation home – Sorry to be a spoilsport. But the finances just don’t stack up.

 Oh, ok I’ll sell my….wait WHAT?? My “vacation home”?  Sure……?


 3. Put $5,000 into an individual retirement account or Roth IRA tax shelter – If you’re over 50, put in $6,000. And make sure your spouse does too.

Sure, once I sell the vacation home and max out the 401(k)…..

 4. Pay off your credit-card debt -Haven’t you heard? If you’re still carrying a balance each month, this is a quick win.

 Finally some sage advice!  But then again, didn’t I already know this??

 5. Fire your banker – This isn’t just good financial sense — it’s fun, too.

Sweet!  Now it’s cool (according to the Wall Street Journal) to keep my funds stashed under the mattress and buried in tin cans around the yard.  Gramma would be so proud!

 6. Get your tax refund early -How? By not overpaying your taxes in the first place.

Ok this is sound financial advice.  Raise your allowance so you pay less in taxes. According to the Internal Revenue Service, the average tax rebate is $3,000 (yeah I always knew I wasn’t average).  And according to the Federal Reserve, the average credit card debt is also about $3,000.  Only problem I have with this advice, some people will automatically spend the extra amount in their paycheck, instead of using it to pay off debt or saving it, which in turn will only increase their debt situation.

 7. Buy inflation-protected bonds –Treasury inflation-protected securities, or TIPS, aren’t sexy. They won’t make you rich. But they’re guaranteed — twice over.

 Got it!  To recap: Sell the vacation home, max out the 401(k), invest $5,000 in Roth IRA, then use the remaining (wait, let me do the math…..) $0 to purchase unsexy bonds.  Okie dokie!

 8. Buy a bread machine – You want a certain winner? If a $50 bread maker saves you, say, $7 a week on buying bread, that’s $350 year. The easiest dough you’ll make.

Buy a bread machine?????  This is the best the Wall Street Journal can do??  And who the heck pays $7 a week for bread?  How many sandwiches can you make with that much bread? And did the author factor in the cost of the ingredients to make said bread? Or the cost of the mayo, lunch meat, lettuce, tomato, etc. needed to make the bread more than just a slice of bread??  Buy a bread machine???  Seriously?

9. Play hardball with your insurance company – Call competitors and ask them to quote you prices for your current house and auto policies.

Again, I’ll admit this is good advice.  Comparison shopping, combining policies, raising deductibles are all good things to do.  Can’t really pick on this one.

 10. Get a freebie from a bank – Why not? You bailed them out. I’m not just talking about stopping in for a free lollipop or cup of coffee (though my local Bank of America brews an OK cup).  Sign up for a credit card with a big bonus — like a free air ticket or weekend hotel stay. Use the card enough to qualify. Then cancel the card.

Sign up for a credit card and use it = incur more debt.  I will hand it to the Wall Street Journal, encouraging Americans to sign up for credit cards is one Money Move that will Always Pay Off….for Wall Street.  Here is the full article: 10 Money Moves That Will Always Pay Off

 If you’re still with me, I think I can offer one more Money Move of my own.

Buy an Octopus and Save $$: The Hidden Cost of Ink!

But then of course my words of wisdom will fall on deaf ears because if you really want to be frugal, you either don’t own a printer or have already sold it 🙂 Maybe Save an Octopus and Save $$ would have been a better title!

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