The NEW F-Word….

With the economy in its current state, and unemployment on the rise (again), it seems logical that most people are trying to spend less (stay-cation ring a bell?), save more (the U.S. Commerce Department reported that the personal savings rate was up 6.4%) and in a word, be a little more “frugal”.


Frugal – The New F-Word?   Go to fullsize image

But as things would have it, being “frugal” can be a potential turn off for those “looking for love”.  According to a New York Times article entitled “How to be Frugal and Still be Asked on Date” a survey conducted by ING Direct (a company that offers online savings accounts…how ironic) asked 1,000 people what comes to mind if someone were to set them up on a date with someone who is “frugal”.  According to the survey, 27% of the people surveyed would consider the person “stingy”.  15% used the word “boring”, while only 3.7% answered “sexy”.  Read the article here.

For those of you, who don’t care about saving money or excess spending, please feel free to stop reading now J

On the other hand, for those of us who prefer to live within our means and maybe even consider ourselves the F**** word, ….there is hope!  I remember when being frugal was synonymous with being a tightwad or cheapskate….heck there are people who actually made livings promoting thrift.  Remember the Tightwad Gazette (Amy Dacyczyn) or The Complete Cheapskate (Mary Hunt)??  I’ve owned all of these authors’ books (borrowed from the library, then purchased used, of course!).

Today, there is a large movement towards living a simple, minimalist lifestyle.  Minimalism takes the sting off the word frugal or simple.  Minimalism is more about creating a simple life, where necessities are focused and non-essentials are eliminated.  It’s about doing more, with less.  It’s not about reusing Ziploc bag or dumpster diving (yup it was promoted in the Tightwad Gazette), but about eliminating (and not purchasing) the nonessential in order to have more freedom (and less debt!!) to actually live more.

A simple, minimalist lifestyle…..that’s what I want for myself and others.  So go ahead, drop the F-bomb on me.  I’m frugal person and it’s sexy as hell 🙂

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89 Responses to The NEW F-Word….

  1. bilal says:

    i like this article

  2. Christopher says:

    Step 1. Open window.

    Step 2. To avoid possible injuries and possible subsequent lawsuits, give ample warning to pedestrians near and/or below window.

    Step 3. Disconnect TV and all accoutrement; and throw all out window.

    Step 4. Also throw cell phone (aka; “tracked, cancer giving, quasi-mental masturbation stick”), after TV, out window.

    Step 5. Use real sources of real information to learn about the world, and awaken from the hypnotic trance; all while saving large sums of money.

    Step 6. Begin to truly participate in life, to actually defend and protect the people and values you believe in (or at least learn what or who they really are).

    No step 7.

    [Thank me later.]

  3. The Weddington Adventures says:

    Great observation. It’s best to live within your own means than trying to impress others out of your own pockets. If they can’t understand your need to be” Frugal” then they need to move on. It’s your life to live…not theirs:)

    peace…with 2 fingers:)

  4. mollyonmoney says:

    “Frugality is enjoying the virtue of getting good value from every minute of your life energy and from everything you have the use of.” It’s from the book ‘Your Money or Your Life’.
    I love the quote and remind myself of it whenever I’m feeling stingy- suddenly I feel SEXY!

  5. Kelly Hay says:

    I totally agree. Being frugal can be sexy … because by being frugal, one could save money for an extremely sexy weekend-getaway!

  6. So true. You can surround yourself with tons ‘o stuff (like an Egyptian mummy, maybe?) or be selective about you own in order to have the freedom to DO — travel, study, eat and drink wonderful things, donate to charity. If you are frugal enough to decide to live in a small(er) home, that makes it all a lot easier.

    • winkblu says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Life is about the DOing than the having for me. I would prefer to experience life more with less, and in the end have more in memories.

  7. Hey! Nothing wrong with reusing a Ziploc bag! Provided it’s been washed of course… 😉

  8. fuzzy says:

    that definitely goes in my dictionary! 😛

  9. So now it’s going to be fashionable to be frugal? That’s kinda funny! I was frugal way before it was acceptable, lol!

  10. Thepope says:

    I have a rule: Spend less then I make. Simple yet effective.

  11. Frugal is definitely in my vocabulary.
    But I wish it wasn’t!
    Nice blog 🙂

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  13. Maricar says:

    a word, be a little more “frugal”?

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