Can’t We All Just Converse?

Can’t we all just Converse??


I have a little theory about how to change the world I’d like to share.  Grab a drink, pop a squat and give me your attention for a few minutes.

 Ready? Ok, here it is in three words:  Converse All Stars.  Yup.  Converse All Stars.  If everyone would wear Converse All Stars, I think we could actually achieve world peace.  Ok, you may think I’m overstating the solution to world peace just a little bit, but hear me out.  We don’t need more stronger militaries, politicians making campaign promised they never fulfill, more government programs on diversity, or more technology to connect with each other.  All we really need for world peace is Converse All Stars.

 Think about it.  What image do you get when you think Converse?  Basketball and Chuck Taylor? Alternative rockers like Kurt Cobain and Nirvana?  Modern movies like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix or Will Smith in IRobot?

 Let’s face it, Converse sneakers have been around since 1908, and they more popular today then ever before.  I’m pretty sure Converse would give reasons for the success of All Stars to their timeless design, quality products, or some other business jargon.  But I think it’s something more.  When I put on my Converse, I’m no longer the Executive Assistant in business attire and heels, I’m transformed into a free spirited, fun loving, adventure seeking being!  I picture everyone wearing Converse on a warm summer day, dancing around in the warm grass singing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” (you remember that Coke commercial, don’t you??!)

 If everyone wore Converse, imagine all the Convers-ations we could have.  “Cool Converses!”  “Where’d you get those Joker Converse??”  “Hey, I had a pair of those when I was in high school!”  It just boggles the imagination!

 Generation gaps meeting on the common ground of Convers-ations!  World peace achieved through rubber soled, canvas sneakers!

 With time, everyone will be asking, Can’t we all just Converse?

 What about you?  Are you ready for world peace? What would your Convers-ations be like?  Leave a comment and let’s get the Convers-ations going! 

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