Finding the Fountain of Youth in a Corn Maze

Have you ever been awed by the sheer abandonment to joy that children experience?  The contagious laughter, the endless energy and enthusiasm, the powerful wonder at new things?

When did I get old?

A few months ago, my roommate and I moved to the apartment below mine.  Around the same time where the usual stressful “adult” problems; my roommate had started a new job, I was trying to adjust to being recently separated, my car decided to die on the side of the road as my son was borrowing it for the weekend….well, you get the picture.  All of these things added up to us falling into what I call a comfortable discomfort.  We had stopped going to the gym after work, we ordered take-out way too often, and spent our weekends around the apartment.

A few weeks ago as we were sitting outside after work, we starting talking about doing  something. Anything. We were bored with our daily existence and wanted to get out.  We talked about going to the park and walking around or taking a walk downtown.  What we ended up doing was the catalyst for this post and hopefully an inspiration for someone reading.

Laughing like Children

I came up with the idea to go to a local corn maze.  My roommate had never been to one, and I hadn’t been in years since my son was young.  If you’ve ever been through a corn maze as the sun is beginning to set, then you’ll know how children feel everyday! The maze was set up so each person (or group) was given a small sheet of paper broken down into a grid.  Along the maze (3.7 miles of it!) were hidden posts which each contained a stamp.  Process sounded simple, find the 15 post, stamp the 15 grids and enjoy some fresh air.  Lol, how naive could we possible be?

The other adventures that night were a group of teenagers, a few families, and the us two “adults”.   Suddenly the air exploded with “I FOUND NO. 4!!!” Immediately followed by the sound of youngsters stampeding toward the lone voice.  For a second, I was scared.  Were we going to be trampled by the stampede?  My roommate shot me a mischievous grin and said “let’s go!”  (Ok, I may be mature, but I am NOT above letting the kids have all the glory! 🙂 )

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